karkasinio namo gamyba |
karkasinio namo gamyba |

The production of panel and frame houses is recognised as one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions with low running costs. Today, it is a fast-growing choice in Lithuania, not only as a holiday home, but also as a permanent residence.

Panel and frame houses are valued for their durability, longevity, reliability, fast construction times and attractive prices.

It takes about 2 to 3 months to manufacture and assemble a panel and frame house before the interior finishing work. The manufacture and assembly of panel and frame houses can be carried out at any time of the year. This type of house does not require massive foundations, which also shortens the construction time and reduces construction costs.

Panel and frame houses have a wide range of architectural possibilities. It is therefore possible to realise a variety of projects according to everyone's ambitions, tastes and possibilities. These houses can be decorated with a variety of materials, whether clinker, stucco or stone, or wood panelling.

The construction of panel and frame houses consists of a timber frame. The inner part is filled with rock wool, which makes it possible to achieve the required thermal resistance. Houses built with the highest quality materials, using the latest technology, have high thermal and energy saving characteristics.


You come to visit us with your dreams and visions of owning your own home. We listen to your needs, opinions and dreams and help you choose the right project.

We introduce you to the structures, materials and production process of the house we are building.

Once we have agreed on the final design, we will calculate the price and timeframe.

Once you agree to the final price and sign the contract, the project goes into production.

Once the frames are manufactured, they go to the building site, where we usually take about 2-3 weeks.

Then you just need to do the interior and exterior finishing work. For your convenience and on request, we can also carry out these works. We have an interior designer on our team who will create a cosy home interior for you.

When all the work is completed, we give you the keys to your


The price of a panel and frame house depends on the materials you choose. The preliminary price ranges from €800 - €1500 per square metre, so the final price of the project can only be determined once everything has been selected.