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Darius Stiklinskas | litvudas.com

About us

Hello, my name is Darius Stiklinskas, I am manager and founder of the company LITVUDAS UAB. I decided to start my own business, manufacturing and building panel and frame houses, in 2009.

The company's working experience started in the harsh lands of Norway. Therefore, from the very beginning of the company, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in the production and installation of panel and frame houses of different sizes and purposes, according to Scandinavian technology. We have built more than 200 properties.

Having seen the great interest in Lithuania for panel - frame and modular houses, we decided to expand our work in the Lithuanian market.

Our team consists of about 10 qualified employees. The team is used to working in a wide range of natural conditions and to carry out the work flawlessly from start to finish with the highest quality standards.

In our work, we use the latest technology, quality certified materials and modern equipment. This enables us to ensure the highest quality product.

Each project is tailored to the individual needs of the client. We are happy to invite our customers to our premises for a live chat, to get to know each other, to demonstrate the production processes and to share our experience when choosing the project of your dream house.

We have an interior designer on our team, so if the client wishes, we can realise their vision of the interior of the house.

LITVUDAS UAB has received several quality assessment certificates and has been awarded for its high work culture in 2022. Such awards and accolades give us an extra incentive to move forward and achieve heights.

Our credo is top quality, short deadlines, and satisfied customers!